Bookends / Record Ends

“Although I wasn’t initially happy with how long this took to be made. Maybe due in part that I asked the seller to change the thickness of what I initially placed an order? The seller really didn’t detail that it was going to delay the process, that’s what I’m going to assume since the seller didn’t communicate that part on their end. What I ended up getting was exactly as described and the quality of the product ended up surpassing my expectations. I really recommend this seller and I’ll be looking forward to buying another bookend from them in the future.“

Reviewed by DarXidic

Bookends / Record Ends

“These are the perfect addition to our shelves. They’re well crafted and add to both function and aesthetics. I highly recommend..“

Reviewed by Gammonhp

The Bugalow

“Robert’s work is both utilitarian and aesthetically engaging. Clean lines and minimal hardware place the focus on what the Bungalow holds, not what it, itself, aspires to be. And still, it’s a little piece of art for your space. Fill it with books, stereo equipment, office necessities, or tools for your own craft. The Bungalow will allow you to choose what it becomes, and that’s pretty special.“

Reviewed by Bourgie

The Split-level

“The shelves are beautiful and very solid. They arrived on time and were very carefully packaged. I’m considering ordering a second set.“

Reviewed by zachandler

Custom shelving unit 50″x36″

“I was on the fence whether or not I needed a new set of shelves to replace my less aesthetically pleasing but still somewhat functional shelves. I am so happy I went ahead and purchased these! They are beautiful, and Robert worked with me to make sure the size fit perfectly in my space. Very happy with these!”

Reviewed by Kevin Redman

The Bungalow Retro Mid-century style modular shelving and storage units

“These shelves are really well designed and crafted. Expertly packed, easy to assemble. They look great. Very happy. Go shelves was very attentive post-sale. Best experience I’ve had on Etsy.”

Reviewed by Jing Wei


“I love these shelf stands! Robert was so helpful, and was willing to work with me to customize the product to fit my needs. The item itself came perfectly packed and was super easy to assemble. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a beautiful, simple set of shelves!”

Reviewed by hot8dog

Retro mid century modern modular shelving and storage unit

“Extremely well packed (10 minutes to unpack 3 separate boxes) and approximately 3 minutes to put together. The console bookcase looks exactly as it does in picture and is very portable–I decided I was going to utilize it on a different floor that I had first envisioned and that process (breaking down, moving and then reassembling) took less than 8 minutes! A solid, cool looking piece that you can put a ton of different things on… ”

Reviewed by J.