The Small Display

The Small Display


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The Small Display modular go-shelf configuration:

  • Two 36″ tall modular go-shelf stands, made of 3/8” cold-rolled rod American made steel.
  • Two angled 48″ long shelves with lip, 12″ deep, 3/4″ Please note the angle shelves can also lay flat with a lip on the shelf.
  • Two flat thick domestic wood in walnut, natural or mid-Century-Modern shelves.
  • Two set of long steel crossbars.

Stands are American made steel

  • Raw steel with clear coat
  • Steel with black powder coating
  • Custom Finishes Available

Shelves are thick domestic wood

  • Walnut
  • Natural Maple
  • Custom Finishes available

Shipping in the lower 48 States $200.00