check out Nob Hill Music

after taking a left at Albuquerque in your search for music to fill your Record Unit look no further than Nob Hill Music. we’re told that there is an amazing stock of well preserved vinyl. and if you are looking for something specific you should ask. after your visit continue your journey to down Route 66.   click the…

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Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Second-Highest Rate Since January 2013

Good news for the U.S. manufacturing sector!   click to read article

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Virtual Furniture Showroom in your own Home!

What if you could view how furniture looks in your own home without the heavy lifting and all prior to purchase? This is an amazing piece of technology.  Imagine viewing in-scale furniture before you even purchase it. Click to read more    

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Top 10 Trends for 2014

Autodesk asked some of our friends and leading thinkers throughout the world about what design trends and predictions they have for the new year.   click here to read more.  

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Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at a Faster Pace Than Forecast

I read this in Bloomberg News this morning;  U.S. Manufacturing is up for the third straight month!  Ford motor company adds more shifts at Fusion plant employing 1400 more workers.  This is the right direction. Read the article

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How TechShop is changing the way hardware companies are born

A home for inventors A quick walk around TechShop San Francisco gives you a sense of the volume of ideas that pour out of it every day. There are cardboard sculptures, cardboard chairs, custom wood furniture, a bamboo bike, a dragon head, a hand-built skee ball machine and just about anything else you could imagine.  …

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Who’s the designer?

In a blog post from 2009 I found Janus Homes with a copy of an original goshelf from c. 1986.  Janus commented that ” I have no idea what it is. It reminds me of Paul McCobb’s rod iron and maple Planner Group pieces, but the construction of the metal stands is all wrong for…

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Manufacturing In The US Is Making A Historic Comeback

I came across this great article in Business Insider about GE bringing back the manufacturing of their most popular products called The GeoSpring water heater.  The US factory is in Louisville, Kentucky and in its hay day was the largest appliance manufacturing plant in the country employing 23,000 workers, turning out 60,000 appliances a week from 1951-1999.  General Electric…

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